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Brands Best Friend!

Stray Creative have worked with many high profile brands over the years and understand the need to enhance these brands. We ensure brand image continuity with what ever the media or event execution.

We Fetch

...what you want when you want it! We understand the need to deliver exactly to expectation. Stray deliver in full, on time, every time.

Loyal and Committed

Stray Creative’s focus is on long term partnerships and we are committed to continuing to bring to the table innovation that will enhance client business.

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Tricks we do

Here at stray we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Click below for a taste.
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Stray Basketball Challenge

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What is it?

The Stray Basketball Challenge is heaps of fun and an opportunity to get a little competitive with other friends of Stray while raising funds for Variety SA.

Where is it?

Located in the heart of Stray Creative's studio conveniently located next to our bar and golf putting green.

How do i get involved?

Book your next meeting with Stray and let's shoot hoops before we get down to business. Just throw a gold coin in our Variety SA donation bucket and the ball is in your court.


2016 Leaderboard

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